Keepin' it simple and relaxed Enough stress at work!

Keepin' it simple and relaxed Enough stress at work!
Trying to embrace my family and finding adventures like Perry does...

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bittersweet - no chocolate to be had.

It's been a long week with Baby Girls Baccalaureate, Graduation, and now dropped off at Senior Week.  
What a lot of emotions.  Now as I see it, Unlike the past two girls graduating, a new segment of parents' lives.  So what are OUR plans? 
      To spend more time together, even if it's working side by side in the garden or yard or at work. Travel to the beach and mountains once together over the summer break and try something new at least once this Summer. I know lofty goals but that's for both of us . 
        My goals for myself this summer is to eat low carb and exercise alot more. To be able to walk briskly for 3 miles without pains or lack of breath.  I'm doing good just being very conscientious of what foods I consume and keeping it equal.

Back to cleaning to get me back on track.  And to keep my mind off of Baby Girl.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

     Hurray I made it to the Beach.  No I don't care if it's to clean rugs and cobwebs for Outdoor Girl.  Baby Girl made it down with BF and Outdoor Girl's BF made it down.  Full House who said I would be lonely when the last one graduates HS... As I sit here eating breakfast alone while they are checking crab pots.  
     I feel if you think you are alone they you better check see whose footprints are really in the sand.  And I really could be alone for a whole week and still find work or something to read or write or draw.  
    So the ReInvention of myself is starting  as of this past Friday. Working on my goals this weekend so stay tuned for more to come.  
      Back to the picture above scrapple sizzling and favorite summer Away meal is Blueberry Pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream.  No whipped cream forgot Baby Girls cool whip or soy whip.  So not used to buying Dairy usually a Lactose Dairy which Outdoor Girl cannot stand the organic vegan butter.  
     We live it for Baby Girl so she feels Better and can learn to do this on her own.  A challenge after 17 years of "eat what you want". Even though I have been gluten free  90% of the time because it reduces my sinus and migraine issues.  Outdoor Girl refuses she has any issues same with Mini Mom but just got a Fitbit.  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer is Here!

      I say this as I am sitting at work, 3rd week in a row after 11 hours of mind numbing activity. Is it really summer?  I really haven't noticed except the kids are all home, nothing getting done, and the hum of the A/C unit.  I did get my garden in but need to plant some seeds and do a little weeding. 

     So I have been doing the mean mom thing where I tell them to get up, keep the house clean.  No bombs exploding here and hiding.  No visitations till rooms are cleaned out of school year stuff and school clothes are washed and packed away.  If the mini mom didn't bother everyone then less would be getting done.  Mini mom has been cooking dinner the last past two nights, which is nice when coming through the door at 8. 

     So tonight I took it easy on her and did crock pot General Tso's Chicken.  and Baby Girl will make the rice this afternoon.  And Mini Mom and Outdoor Girl will be on visitation later today.  I try to encourage help with family to broaden their exposure of life.  It's helping.

     So still scheduled to work in the garden, do a little storage room clean out.  Maybe Friday night I tackle one of these.  Don't even want to look at the basement Outdoor Girl is still washing all clothes and repacking in bins for college in Fall.

Time To Clean Up the Family, Laundry  Craft Room     Let's get it done...

Menu Plan
  • Monday-  BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, and fresh green beans 
  • Tuesday -  Burgers, macaroni and potato salad, roasted vegetables 
  • General Tso's Chicken with brown rice, watermelon
  • Thursday nite dinner Your on your own
  •  Friday nite dinner  crockpot version of BBQ and Honey sauce over onions then london broil for 4-5 hours.  and rolls
  •  Saturday- out
  •  Sunday -  Stuffed shells and salad  and me Veggie stir fry 

Lets keep moving without losing our sanity and enjoy the moments we do get!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Ahead

How can I get up at 6:30 and begin my day if this snow keeps interfering?  My plan was to get up at 6-6:30 start breakfast prep go garden/plan until it becomes bright this way I don't wake anyone.  
Well defeated again. I instead stayed up late going through 4-5 bags of paperwork between work and home that had to be sorted and prioritized.  Completed unless I find more in the back room which has been the dumping ground the last 3 months. And now on call with getting staff into work early because of the snow.

On the menu this week is:

Mon- Brown rice lasagna bread and salad
(Yes something new we are trying since trying to convert family to GF they don't mind the GF pasta and easier on tummies)

Tues- Sweet and sour pork with stir fry veggies

Wed - Duck soup with GF rice and corn duckie pasta (found this at Walmart in De and Md)

Thurs- Stuffed cabbages in the crockpot with rye bread

Fri- Crab cakes with fries and lettuce wedges

Sat- Corned beef hash with cole slaw

Sun- Beef roast with pearl onions and baby carrots and potatoes in oven roaster 

Let's see if we can keep up this week!